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  Kindly confirm that you have read our Terms & Conditions. Without confirming this, your form will NOT be submitted.

Terms & Condition

  • Females, minimum age 18 years & above & Males, minimum 21 years & above
  • New registrations, maximum 45 minutes of viewing time & Repeat candidates, maximum 30 min of viewing time.
  • All pictures & biodatas are totally confidential.
  • No picture/phone taking allowed without prior permission.
  • All candidates must be in the office by 4pm, in order view the biodatas, late comers will NOT be entertained.
  • All services are within the 4 walls of the TMMS office & the timing given
  • TMMS members will NOT disclose any candidates details without the candidates prior approval/authorization
  • All incomplete forms(email ids, contact #’s & etc.)the profile of the candidate will be removed & not be entertained.
  • All uncooperative candidates will also be removed from the profile files.
  • All 1st family meetings will be held in TMMS office only in front of the committee members only (NO 3rd party should be involved).
  • All divorcees/widows, must accompany valid Talaak nama, Khulla nama or court devorce papers or death certificates upon registration (Only Xerox copies)
  • We do NOT guarantee any matches.
  • All candidtate’s verifications, enquires & etc. are totally the family’s responsibility to do the proper research & do Istekharas prior to committing.
  • All your details given to TMMS is 100% accurate & true.
  • In case of any disputes, TMMS members are NOT responsible for what so ever reason.
  • We expect 100% cooperation from the candidates & their families.
  • Hadiyas/Fees are New Registration Rs 5000/ & Renewals Rs 2000/, valid for 1 Year.
  • TMMS has the right to cancel/withdraw the candidate at anytime, when we are uncomfortable/suspicious about your behaviour/details given.
  • All new registrations must accompany with current valid photo id proof & address proof of residence & with current postcard size photo.
  • All must follow the simple Shariyat rules & regulations.
  • Services only avail during office hours.